Many people ask to know if avocado is good enough for their babies. I know that you might also be thinking in that direction, especially to know the right time to start feeding your little one with it. I believe that the short description below would clear your doubt.

Avocado is good for babies, especially as first-time food from four months and beyond. But I usually recommend six months, except your child’s paediatrician says otherwise.

The awesome thing is that avocado is loaded with lots of health benefits when consumed. It has a lot of healthy fats coupled with its creamy texture which is great for babies.

Choosing the right avocado for your puree

When shopping for your baby’s avocado, always look out for the ones that are firm to touch and now too soft, hard, or rotten; so this in a way shows that the avocado is ripe. You do not need the ones that are too ripe or over ripe because they might have some dark spots when you open them at home.

Preparation Time:


Recommended age:

6 months and above


½ or 1 ripe avocado (depending on the quantity)

Water or breast milk/formula

Lemon (optional to prevent it from browning if you want to store it for another time)

Steps in preparation

Step A: Choose a ripe avocado, divide it into two

Step B: Get the seed out and use a spoon in scooping the avocado butter/flesh into your blender

Step C: Add a desired amount of water, breast milk, or formula and blend to the desired consistency

Step D: pour the desired amount of the puree into your baby’s plate and serve while you store the rest in your refrigerator

How to store Avocado puree/recipe in the fridge

  • Carefully place puree into your food storage containers and squeeze your fresh lemon juice over the top. You might want to stir so it mixes well
  • If you are considering freezing, squeeze at least 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice into it and store for up to 3 months

What Avocado puree provides to your baby/Health benefits

  • Avocado contains folate
  • Iron
  • Healthy fat
  • Fibre
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin E

How to ripen your avocado

I know it could be difficult at times to see a ripe avocado in the store. So should in case you do not have a ripe avocado, here is what to do: take the un-ripe avocados and place them together in a paper bag and leave them for about 24 to 48 hours, depending on the degree of the un-ripeness. They will be ripe and soften enough for your puree when you open it. Yay! So go ahead and prepare those delicious puree for your little one and thank me later.

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