͍ɥЁɌ輽͍ɥѥ͍ɥ̹͍ɥ̽ѕĸ̜ѕнم͍ɥМ͍ɥ Disclaimer - Healthybabyrecipe


Healthy Baby Recipe is a blog created to guide parents on how to introduce varieties of solid food to their children.

The information on this blog does NOT, in any way, intend to cause any damage to either the children or the parents. Its sole purpose is to give guidance to parents on the smooth transition from milk to solid food.

However, we recommend you seek advice from your pediatrician(s) or medical expert(s) before giving any of the foods recommended by Health Baby Recipe to your baby. Always consult your doctor before introducing any new food to your baby.

We would not be held responsible for any damages incurred or caused as a result of using the information from this blog. As such, in the event of any emergency, Healthy Baby Recipe shall be absolved of any blame or legal penalties. We do not have any warranty of any kind, implied or express. Therefore, be guided accordingly!

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