These easy and tasty baby food recipes (stage 1) will show you how to create the easiest homemade baby food you’ve ever tasted. Plus, I’ll share my greatest ideas for bulk cooking and saving time by creating them ahead of time and freezing them.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as beans and lentils. The following is a list. A few days’ worth of baby food can be made in a single batch, or you can double it and store it for future use.

Which ingredients you employ has a significant impact on the nutritional value of your dish. Read on to know more about easy and tasty baby food recipes for your kid.

Easy and Tasty Baby Food Recipes

Below are easy and tasty baby food recipes you should try for your kids.

1. Pureed Blueberry.

This simple berry puree, made from fresh or refrigerated blueberries, is packed with fresh taste and antioxidants. It’s great on its own or in yogurt or baby oatmeal made with simple whole milk.

To serve, you’ll need to stir it thoroughly after putting it in the fridge because it will thicken up.


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2. Pureed Peaches

Stage 1 baby food made from fresh or frozen and thawed peach slices is simple to make in a blender.

With a high speed blender, you’ll need to strain out all the skin, but that’s very simple! This recipe for baby food is a great option to applesauce for infants.

3. Pureed Mangoes

You can whip up this baby puree using either fresh or thawed frozen mango. You can’t go wrong with this vibrant, delicious, and innate immunity fruit. Make sure your mango is sweet and not too tart by tasting it. (Applesauce or ripe Banana Puree can be added if it’s too tart.)

4. Puree of Kiwi

This puree is fantastic for newborns who appear to enjoy taste, and it’s simple to make ahead of time and save for later use when they’re older. You’ll want to use ripe and sweet kiwis and taste them before making the puree to confirm that they aren’t too tart. (You can add banana or applesauce if it’s too sour.)

5. Pureed Beans

Beans are an excellent addition to a baby’s early diet because they don’t have to come exclusively from a single food group. Chickpeas, pinto beans, black beans, and even white beans can be used to make this simple bean puree, which can be thinned with water, formula, or breastmilk as necessary. Sweet potato or butternut squash purees go well with this.


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6. Pureed Avocado

Fresh avocado, a blender, and some lemon juice are all that’s needed to produce avocado puree for a newborn. The avocado is so mushy, I’ve even done this with a fork! Introduce a moderate food rich in good fats with this method.

7. Peanut Butter that has been Whipped

If you’ve never heard of it before, whipped peanut butter is a fantastic baby meal! Introducing peanut butter to your infant in this manner allows you to do so securely in the future.

Unsweetened, creamy peanut butter can be made into yogurt-like whipped texture by simply adding water and stirring. It has a silky texture, isn’t overly sticky, and is loaded with protein.

8. Banana Puree is a Delicious Dessert Option.

A blender is all that is needed to turn ripe bananas into baby food. The preparation of this baby meals at home is quite simple, and it is easily digestible for babies in the Stage 1 feeding stage.

To guarantee that the puree is delicious and easy for baby to eat, use ripe bananas with brown spots.

9. Puree of Pineapple

Pineapple pieces can be pulverized into a creamy baby food puree using frozen or fresh pineapple. You can eat this by itself or with normal whole milk yogurt.

Make sure your pineapple isn’t overly tart by tasting it. (Applesauce or ripe Banana Puree can be added if it’s too tart.)


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10. Pureed Strawberry

A homemade- made strawberry puree made from fresh strawberries needs additional liquid. If you like, you can mix it with applesauce and serve it as is.

Your puree’s taste will be determined by the sweetness of the berries you use, so be sure to sample them.

The Best Ways to Store Baby Food

Freezing freshly pureed purees in an ice cube tray is the quickest and most convenient way to keep homemade baby food. Cubes can be stored in freezer bags for up to three months after being frozen.

In order to make things easier for you or your child’s daycare provider, these containers are ideal.

The Best Ways to Make Your Own Baby Food

  • In order to make sure that a blender has sufficient volume to blend well, add at least 1 cup of the base component. Add water, formula, or breast milk to any handmade puree.
  • Any leftover baby food can be frozen in an ice cube tray for up to three days. Frozen cubes can be kept for up to three months in freezer storage bags. These baby food recipes can be thawed overnight in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  • Make sure your puree isn’t overly tart by tasting all of the fresh ingredients. Combine a puree with Banana, Avocado and/or Apple Sauce, Mashed Sweet Potato, or Applesauce in order to reduce its tartness.
  • Simply toss in a little whole milk yogurt, coconut cream, or Avocado Puree to any of these fruit or vegetable purees if you’d like to up the fat or protein content.
  • If preferred, substitute breast milk or formula for the water.
  • For a more nuanced flavor, combine two purees.
  • Baby oats or hemp seeds can be added to any puree to give it a bit of texture.


The simplest and most delicious homemade baby food may be yours with these simple and delicious baby food recipes (stage 1).

And I’ll offer my best tips for bulk cooking and slashing your cooking time by preparing and storing your meals in advance. With this article you will be able to make different varieties of baby meals that your kids will love.


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