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We are glad you have been following up on our blog as we await your questions about baby recipes. In today’s series, we decided to stop by and consider this sweet fruit as it is commonly eaten by most adults. The funny thing is that many parents have not considered giving this nutritious fruit to their little ones because they think that it is too hard or sweet for them. We are here to clear your doubt and open your mind to an entire world of varieties of baby food. Read on while we talk about pear puree and show you how to prepare it at home, because feeding your baby with nutritious food supports his/her growth and enhances his/her health. 

Like other fruits, the pear has a whole variety of it, the good news is that they all taste fantastic despite their differences in appearance due to their varieties. If you are also considering a puree choice that would help your little one to have a good bowel movement down there, search no more because this might properly be an excellent choice for him or her, but you just must try. Most people combine it with other purees for faster actions if just only the pear is not working for their little ones. For my little one, whenever he is having constipation, I just prepare boiled pear puree for him, and it works like magic. Because of this, I do not lack this fruit in my refrigerator If you are using an organic pear, you might cook it without peeling the back but if it is not an organic pear, I would recommend peeling the back before preparing it for your baby. Also, if you are not peeling the back, give it more time while steaming/boiling so the skin could get soft enough for a smooth puree and easy digestion.  

Table of contents 
1.0 Pear puree for babies(introduction) 
2.0 Ingredients  
3.0 Preparation time 
4.0 How to choose a good pear 
5.0 How to ripen your pear at home 
6.0 Pear puree through boiling/steaming method 
7.0 Preparing pear puree through the roasting method 
8.0 Health benefits of pear 
9.0 How to store your potato puree in the fridge and freezer for later use 
10.0 Nutritional value of pear 
11.0 Other puree options that you could easily mix with pear puree

2.0 Ingredients  



3.0 Preparation time 

Boiling/steaming: 20-30mintes  

Roasting: 30-40mins  

4.0 How to choose a good pear 

Although there are several varieties of pear in the market, it is recommended you go for an organic pear for your baby’s puree if you could comfortably afford it, otherwise, just ordinary pear is still okay. When selecting a pear, touch the area around the stem to feel if it is soft, if it is softened that means it is ripe, avoid pears with scars. 

5.0 How to ripen your pear at home 

You could ripen your pear at home by storing it at room temperature and leaving it for some days. Transfer it to the refrigerator once it ripens if you are not going to use it anytime soon to avoid it being overripe. 

How to puree your pear: just like most fruits, you could make your homemade puree by boiling or roasting depending on your preference. The back of pears is also loaded with a lot of nutrients so If you wish to puree without peeling it is also good especially if it is an organic pear, but you must wash it very well and add extra time in cooking, roasting as well as using a good blender to achieve a smooth consistency. 

6.0 Pear Puree through boiling/steaming method 

  1. Wash the puree and peel the back 
  1. Slice it, remove the seeds, and chop it into pieces  
  1. Place them in the pot and add water just enough to cover it 
  1. Boil it for about 10-15 minutes until tender  
  1. Transfer the pear to your blender and blend to your required consistency 
  1. Add breast milk, formula, or the stock if you wish, serve your baby lukewarm and store the rest in your refrigerator 

7.0 Preparing Pear puree through the roasting method 

for this method, I prefer using Bartlett pears. Not much is heard about this method but trust me, it is the most delicious way to prepare your pear puree especially if you add your roasted banana to it, you might even finish your baby’s food leaving your baby longing for more. I would suggest you add extra for yourself and your baby when trying this method out. The steps involve: 

  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees 
  1. Grab your tray and line your baking sheet 
  1. Wash your pear and peel the back 
  1. Dry them and cut them into wedges 
  1. Place them on your already made baking sheet 
  1. Peel your banana and add them to your baking sheet(optional) 
  1. Roast for about 25 minutes until it is tender and a little bit brown 
  1. Bring them out of the oven and transfer them to your blender 
  1. Blend until smooth  
  1. Serve your baby at a lukewarm temperature

8.0 Health benefit of pear 

  • It helps to reduce constipation in babies 
  • It is rich in vitamin C, folate, niacin, and fibre 
  • It gives potassium which helps in heart functions  
  • It provides your baby with copper which helps in keeping babies immune system strong 
  • It provides your baby with vitamin A which promotes wound healing and healthy skin  
  • Pears have some cancer-fighting properties which help in reducing risks of certain cancer 
  • It is also having some amount of polyphenol antioxidants  

9.0 How to store your pear puree in the fridge and freezer for later use 

  1. For refrigerating choice: you can store in your baby’s tight containers in the refrigerator for up to two to three days 
  1. For the freezing choice: scoop the puree and carefully place them on the ice-cube tray and store them in the freezer. Once they are properly frozen, pop them and put them in your baby’s containers or bag and seal them tightly and store them back in the freezer which could last for up to two to three months. 

 If you do not have an ice-cube tray, do not worry, you can also pour them directly into your baby’s containers or bags and store them directly in the freezer. You would still achieve the same result, but the only challenge might be that you would need to thaw the entire bag or container to be able to scoop a part out for your baby if he/she cannot finish one bag at a time, which is why the ice-cube process is better as you would only have to pick the required number of ice-cubes that your baby could consume at a time and thaw them. 

10.0 Nutritional value of pear 

one medium size pear (178g) would provide the following nutritional value 

  • Carbs – 27g 
  • Calories – 101 
  • Fiber – 6g 
  • Protein – 1g 
  • Copper – 16% of DV 
  • Potassium – 4% of DV 
  • Vitamin K – 6% of DV 
  • Vitamin C – 12% of DV 

N/B: g stands for grams; DV stands for Daily Value 

11.0 Other puree options that you could easily mix with pear puree 

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