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Today’s article is about this delicious fruit called mango, which is a tropical seasonal stone. All thanks to the technology that has made the all-round cultivation and preservation of different varieties of mangoes possible in most parts of the world.

Mango Puree

Mango puree is an important and healthy food for your baby, and it is simple to make. You could also make it by adding banana or yogurt to make a smoothie from it. Whichever way you make it; it would still come out yummy. One thing that I love about this puree is the fact that I do not have to waste any time boiling or cooking it. Remember to get some extra mangos because you might be tempted to try some for yourself. Lol – I do that all the time.

 For this episode, we would only focus on making a simple mango puree for your little one. I am sure your baby is going to like it. Let us go down into details. Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Age recommendation

  • 4-12 months


  • Mango only (add banana and yogurt if you have. It is optional)

N/B: you need just one ingredient for this method. When picking a mango, please go for the ripe ones that smell good.

Preparation time

  • 5 minutes

How to prepare

For babies within 4-8months

  • Step A. Wash the mangoes and peel out the back
  • Step B. Chop them carefully and place into your blender
  • Step C. Blend them until it is smooth
  • Step D. Turn your puree into a bow, and it’s ready to be served

For babies of 8-10 months

Step A. Wash the mangoes and peel the back

Step B. Chop them carefully into a bowel

Step C. Use your fork or masher to mash it consistently such that your baby could easily chew. Now, your baby’s mash mango is ready to be served

For babies within 10-14 months

Step A. Wash the mangoes and peel out the back

Step B. Get your baby’s plate and chop the mango into it in such a way that your baby could easily pick the splinters and eat them

Health Benefits of Mango for your little one

  1. Mango is rich in vitamins A&C, which help in the formation of collagen
  2. Some amounts of selenium are also present in mango, which help to fight against heart disease
  3. Mango is also rich in iron, folate, fibre, and vitamin B9
  4. It also aids your little one to have a good bowel movement
  5. Contains a little amount of calcium, vitamin E, and Zinc

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